“Saved By Grace Alone” – 10/1/17


“Saved By Grace Alone”    10/1/17   500 years ago, on Oct. 31, Martin Luther posted a call for debate concerning what he saw as abuses within the Catholic church.  He included 95 points, or theses, … Read More

“Do You Call Jesus Lord?” – 9/24/17


“Do You Call Jesus Lord?”    09/24/17 Have you ever watched an orchestra playing?  Have you ever watched the conductor?  They set the tempo, they indicate loudness or softness, they signal when a part is to … Read More

“Who Is Jesus to You?” – 9/17/17


“Who Is Jesus To You?”    09/17/17 As we saw earlier this morning, there is quite a variety of opinions about who Jesus is.  Things haven’t changed much since Jesus’ own day. Mark 8:27–29  Jesus and … Read More

“Being Examples” – 9/10/17


“Being Examples”    09/10/17 The first sermon preached each Sunday is not by the minister, but by you! You preach a message of good cheer when you say “good morning” to those you meet as you … Read More

“Sorrow Turned Into Joy” – 8/27/17

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“Sorrow Turned Into Joy”    08/27/17 As individuals and as a group. There will be times when we face seemingly overwhelming odds. The Jewish people were looking at possible extermination at the hands of their enemies.  … Read More

Offering the First Fruit 8/13/17

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“Offering the First-fruit”    08/13/17 Everyone likes a celebration, even God.  When God established the covenant with Israel at Sinai He included times for celebrating.  Some of these were the Passover to celebrate their redemption from … Read More

Calling on God – 7/9/17


“Calling on God”    07/09/17 Have you ever had to call tech support, or any large company, and been faced with a list of numbered choices?  You know what I mean.  If you know your party’s … Read More

The Blessing of Forgiveness – 7/2/17


“The Blessing of Forgiveness”    07/02/17 The movie Love Story popularized the saying, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”.  Jennifer says this to Oliver when he apologizes for losing his temper, and later Oliver … Read More

Speaking Against Injustice – 7/23/17

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“Speaking Against Injustice”    07/23/17 We see throughout Scripture that God is just, that God desires justice for the poor, and that God calls His people to work for justice.  This means not only acting justly … Read More

For Our Example – 6/18/17


“For Our Example”    06/18/17 People learn in different ways.  Some can simply read directions and have a good idea of how to do something.  Usually it’s more effective to be able to watch someone do … Read More