Offering the First Fruit 8/13/17

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“Offering the First-fruit”    08/13/17 Everyone likes a celebration, even God.  When God established the covenant with Israel at Sinai He included times for celebrating.  Some of these were the Passover to celebrate their redemption from … Read More

Calling on God – 7/9/17


“Calling on God”    07/09/17 Have you ever had to call tech support, or any large company, and been faced with a list of numbered choices?  You know what I mean.  If you know your party’s … Read More

The Blessing of Forgiveness – 7/2/17


“The Blessing of Forgiveness”    07/02/17 The movie Love Story popularized the saying, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”.  Jennifer says this to Oliver when he apologizes for losing his temper, and later Oliver … Read More

Speaking Against Injustice – 7/23/17

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“Speaking Against Injustice”    07/23/17 We see throughout Scripture that God is just, that God desires justice for the poor, and that God calls His people to work for justice.  This means not only acting justly … Read More

For Our Example – 6/18/17


“For Our Example”    06/18/17 People learn in different ways.  Some can simply read directions and have a good idea of how to do something.  Usually it’s more effective to be able to watch someone do … Read More

The Coming of the Spirit

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“The Coming of the Spirit”    06/04/17 Try to imagine what it might have been like for those first disciples.  First, their master had been crucified, but then he rose from the dead.  Jesus appeared to … Read More

His Great Power for Us

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“His Great Power for Us”    05/21/17 Have you ever thought about the different kinds of power there are? Nuclear, solar, Political, Economic, Miltary, Information, Personal, Spiritual power Paul prays that the church may know – … Read More

The Riches of His Inheritance

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“The Riches of His Inheritance”    05/14/17 We use the names Old Testament and New Testament, but how often do we remember that a testament is a kind of will. Ephesians 1:18  I pray also that … Read More

Seeing is Believing

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John 20:1–9 Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance. So she came … Read More