Devotion in Motion Recital Celebration

Devotion in Motion Recital Celebration
Saturday, June 10th at 11:30am
Phenix Baptist Church, Fairview Ave, West Warwick, RI 02893.
Bring your friends and family to see a ministry of dance.

Devotion in Motion is a Dance and Yoga Program, dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of dance and yoga to children and adults in a Christ centered environment.

This is not a church, but it is a place of worship. This is not a place of self-worship but a place of grace to all who enter. Devotion in Motion® is about more than just movement – it is a movement of people brought together with the same common goal. To create beauty for our Creator and for all of the people that we encounter.

Email: for class schedules.
Stacey Herrington Phone:817-793-6938